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Whether you are working on your values, a purpose or a mission statement; you're on a quest to figure out what matters most. And how you can put those values into practice. You have experienced that, despite your best intentions, other people don't always understand your intentions in quite te same way.

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Your intentions are true. You know that a values driven approach to work goes beyond writing a solid story. You are looking for an agency that cares, to help you ask the right questions which are fundamental to building a values driven organisation:

  • What are the values behind our organization?

  • How do we translate our values into practice?

  • How do we share our values with employees, without imposing them?

  • Are our values credible?

  • Why do clients do business with us?

  • How do we attract a new generation of employees?

employee involvement

missions & visions

determining values
civic involvement

(internal) communication

measuring values

corporate identity



client arenas

workshops & talks

church innovation
and more...

Even though these are standard questions, there are no standard answers.

But in our experience there are common starting points and pitfalls which can help you in your search for answers. 

If you ever find yourself asking these questions, or if you have another question 

about values in your organisation, we would love to see if we can help you

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