The Church of Change

Like many of the other great and not so great ideas, this particular one originated during a night filled with deep conversation and excellent whiskey.


We had already been fascinated by the many similarities between secular values and religiosity for a while, but had yet to conceive the notion that we could actually start a church ourselves. A church that's not about God, but about Good.


Valuesdriven is now officially registered as a church in the Netherlands. Our aim is to incite meaningful dialog on values by helping people reflect on what they find good and worthy of pursuit. As an individual, as a colleague, and as a member of the community. Fun fact: Did you know research shows that simply talking about 'what is good’ significantly increases the chances of behaving accordingly?


In these trying times of individualism and cynicism, we use church buildings to host a dialog on what is people do still believe in. As for ourselves, we believe strongly that secularization should not mean that we stop talking about what we believe in.


Our Church of Change concept operates completely independently and serves not a specific audience but rather the community as a whole in its search for meaning. We offer services on life’s deeper meaning and like to invite a wide range of contributors ranging from philosophers, visual artists, musicians and everything in between.


As Valuesdriven we also offer these services to our clients. By sharing stories on purpose with each other from the top of the pulpit, for example. We typically do this in vacant church buildings, but we have also been known to bring professional teams together in a giant inflatable pink church instead. Chances are that it will fit neatly in your parking lot.