Employee involvement

Together, the 1300+ healthcare workers of Pleyade take care of the elderly. So when a new, values driven vision is presented by management, it's important that all 1300 employees can derive meaning from it as well.


Because let’s be honest: visions and core values can be rather vague and abstract, and are often difficult to digest for an average employee not accustomed to management jargon. This meant we had te create space for the health care workers to interpret the new vision in their own way, using their own words and drawing from their own experiences.


We set up deep dive dialog sessions around the newly defined core values and vision that engaged 70% of the entire workforce. And even though we like values, we didn’t talk too much about the core values of Pleyade at all. We did talk about specific moments in their professional lives where they felt proud of the work Pleyade does.


Pleyade’s logo happens to be a peacock, a fact which we gratefully incorporated in our project. We developed a concept involving peacock feathers for employees to share their stories of professional pride with each other in a tangible way.


During the sessions, there were many beautiful moments when the vague, abstract idea of core values suddenly became connected to a personal experience, best illustrated by the following insight from one of the health care workers:


“Oh! Now I see what you guys mean by 'values'!”