Gold Club

For many years now, our friend Moniek van Daal has visited ‘her grandpa Wim’ (not her real grandfather) as part of her volunteer work in the community. Intrinsically motivated to do some good in the world, but also just to have some fun together. A lot less fun, however, is the rigid way her voluntary work was organized around the often boring activities and inflexible schedules.


She decided to take up the challenge to make volunteering more fun and accessible for a younger generation by founding Club Goud (Club Gold) and make a contribution to reduce the increasing loneliness amongst the elderly in our country. Valuesdriven supports this worthwhile initiative through our seat on the board of the foundation.


Since its founding, Club Goud has organised and hosted 65+ dance parties, urban safaris, boxing classes and other activities for the young and the old to enjoy together. And during the ongoing Coronacrisis, Club Goud is so far responsible for organising more than 300 physically distanced concerts at nursing homes in lockdown to brighten the day of the elderly.


This inspired initiative has proven that many more young people are willing to contribute to their communities than they often get credit for. All you have to do is make it a little easier and a little bit more fun!