Identity & campaign

In 2016, the Dutch province of the Dominican monastic order wanted to celebrate their 800th (!) jubilee. They weren’t too confident about their ability to cause some editorial ripples though, or as Provincial Superior Rene Dinklo put it: “I doubt that even the local newspaper would be interested.”


What followed were many beautiful interactions between different worlds during a campaign which proved that both secular and religious language, traditions and lifestyles were a source of inspiration, connection and recognition for all involved.


The value that was found in this recognition was central during the campaign, in which we helped to breathe some new life into an 800-year old order.


We produced a radioshow around the seven sacraments and the way secular people also experience these milestones in their lives. We co-produced a book with DASMAG filled with reflective stories, written by essayists during their stay in one of the few still active dominican monasteries in the Netherlands. 


The highlight of the campaign, however, was the unlikely collaboration between the dominican order and successful secular streetwear design studio ByBorre, who reinvented the traditional habit by answering the question: what would Dominicus wear if he set out to preach today instead of 800 years ago?


This resulted in an incredible collection which, along with the story of the dominicans’ jubilee celebrations, found its way to various global newspapers and digital publications to reach more than 17 million people. Even the curator of the MOMA in New York shared the collection with all her Twitter followers. And the local newspaper? After a little persuasion, we ended up checking that box as well :)