New Narratives

We are not, and probably never will be, fashionistas. But a good conversation never goes out of style, so when we were invited by the largest Dutch fashion festival to host a dialog on the values of fashion we jumped at the chance. After desperately sifting through our closets for an appropriate attire, we immersed ourselves in colors, collections and catwalks for a weekend to get to the essence of what fashion culture is all about.


We discovered that fashion, like any other art forms, let's us peek into the essence of human identity. On the one hand, there is a effort being made to promote values such as sustainability and inclusivity. On the other hand, fashion is also about status and power.


The click between the world of fashion and two brothers with a drive to explore meaning in different (sub-)cultures proved both successful and very enjoyable; so much so that we were invited back by the Ministry of Culture and Science to help in the search for new narratives for the Dutch fashion industry as a whole.


We might never become true fashionistas. But our our experience did give us a much deeper understanding on what is, for some amongst us, the irresistible call of the catwalk.