Welcome to church

We're a strange agency. We don't feel comfortable with terms like 'consultancy', 'communication agency' or 'facilitators'. That's why we registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as a church without a religion.


That's because our work is about what people believe in. About how they derive meaning and who they share values with. We want to help them craft their jobs to serve a higher cause, because people and their organizations, aside from doing well, want to do good.

Doing well, by doing good

People that do good feel good, and bring out the best in themselves and the companies they work for. The look further than money: they work towards a better world. A happy coincidence is that these companies tend to do better than average.

We believe that shared values are the starting point for better organizations. We start by hosting an honest dialog about meaning, credibility and the practice of what is preached.


In doing so, we'd be a bad church if we were unaware of the power of stories, symbolism and rituals.