Visions for the future

Dalfsen. Even though we have lived in the Netherlands for most of our lives, we could not point it out on the map if our lives depended on it. Until municipal advisor Nicole called us, that is. She told us that the local council in Dalfsen decided early 2019 to develop a new vision on the future of their municipality of 30.000 souls. Would we be interested in creating a roadmap for the entire project and help write this new vision? Why yes. Yes we would.


Our first order of business: get to work with the elected representatives, the council and the mayor. Together, we quickly concluded that trying to predict the future is both impossible and pointless. Therefore, we would approach Dalfsen in this project not strictly as a municipality, but rather as a values driven community. The resulting vision for the future of the municipality should therefore be about the people, for the people, and by the people.


Don’t come to us, we’ll come to you! Breaking out of the habit of organizing the traditional public counsel events which often result in the same few residents participating in the discussion, we set out to engage as many different people as we could. To that end, we built a mobile café, where the representatives of the municipality could meet residents out on the street, invite them for a cup of coffee and a conversation about what they value when they consider the future of Dalfsen.


After processing more than 400 conversations and digging through countless trend analyses, we presented the fruit of our labor to the council, which received in enthusiastically and accepted it by a unanimous vote.


We hereby return the favor by enthusiastically and unanimously declaring Dalfsen, its residents and its elected representatives to be bonafide awesome.